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Sacroiliac Joint Injection

A sacroiliac joint injection is performed for pain and/or discomfort that involves particular joint. Typically, a sacroiliac joint injection is performed to help determine if the pain is emanating from this structure and to provide lasting pain relief.

What causes sacroiliac joint pain?

The source of joint pain can vary from person to person; however, the most common cause is inflammation, which is a natural response produced by your immune system. The sacroiliac joint is the connecting point between the spine and the pelvis. There is normally very little movement that occurs in this joint; however, the joint surface is similar to that of the hip, knee, and shoulder. When there is damage to the joint surface, pain may be present. Often times the source of dysfunction is biomechanical in nature – meaning the way the body moves can affect the joint.

How is a sacroiliac joint injection performed?

How effective is a sacroiliac joint injection?

What happens after the procedure?

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