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Patient Testimonials

We are the best pain management clinic in Addison, Dallas, Plano, and Carrollton, offering comprehensive treatments with board certified, award winning pain management doctors.

Real Patients.
Real Success Stories.

At Addison Pain & Regenerative Medicine, our success is measured by our patients’ satisfaction with our clinic and the care they receive from our physicians, providers, and office staff.

We great pride in treating our patients with the utmost respect and best care possible. Don’t take our word for it, though. Listen to what our patients have to say!

Going to Addison Pain and Regenerative Medicine has been an amazing experience for me. I have had neck pain for the last two years and started therapy once a week and I can truly say that the pain has decreased and my range of motion has increased. Thank you... read more

Dominique H. Avatar
Dominique H.

Was very, Very helpful with the shot given in my back Dr East was Wonderful, informative every step. Yes, I would recommend Dr
John East to family or friends.

Robert E.

very thorough and realistic .
they explain everything clearly and you are not being sold anything you dont need.

Christine B.

The staff here is amazing from the front door to the exit conversation! They truly are concerned with your well being and treatment. They also care about your personal life and will spend time with you just talking and making you feel like family! Very good people here through and through!

Keith J.

came in with really bad back pain and just on my first treatment was able to notice great relief short after.

Miguel L.

really good

J. G.

El area de las inyecciones son rapidicimos, El dr East y su personal son muy amables y saben hacer su trabajo, los recomiendo 100% muchas gracias.

Dora C.

Great experience to what would otherwise be a very stressing situation due to the test results. Dr. Bugarin had an amazing plan for treatment with several options and i felt in control of my treatment. I know i am in good hands and even now my pain has... read more

T. E.

Sylvia is awesome in her ability to quickly diagnose issues and have a plan of action for me. Always putting her patients first, I totally trust Sylvia!

M. L.


Jason G.

Since I have been coming here for my back and spine issues they have began working on me and I sooo thankful to say I will not be doing back surgery due to the care and treatment here that actually works!

N. C.

I would recommend anyone who is experiencing pain to visit Dr East. From the front desk to everyone in the back they are friendly professional, and answer every question. As for results , you will experience pain relief!

Michael B.

I started going to see Dr. East almost 14 years ago. I have been extremely pleased with his care for me with each of my pain issues. He listens attentively and has great bedside manner. I consider him to be a trustworthy friend. His staff treats me like family each... read more

Bill C. Avatar
Bill C.

He is the only one I trust with my back. I always have a good experience and he knows what he is doing.

Noreen L.

super receptive and informative

Austin D.

I have been in many doctor's offices, but Dr. East's people are far and above the most friendly. They have a keen knowledge of the physical body and know exactly how to alleviate pain. I'm a Clinical Psychologist and am aware of the genuineness of people. The people in this... read more

Robert R.

I have had chronic pain as far back as I can remember and had almost given up on getting any kind of relief. It took more than 5 years and countless specialists to get diagnosed with 3 auto immunes and a neurological. Anybody suffering chronic pain from auto immunes knows... read more

ashley r. Avatar
ashley r.

I have been coming once a week for the last 4-5 weeks because of headaches and pain in my hip. Sylvia was able to adjust all areas with ease and I felt immediate relief and feel like my hip is back in place. No medicines (even ibuprofen for... read more

Michelle F.

great experience

Rosalinda V.


Stella H.

I was recently a patient here and had the BEST experience. Every person I came in contact with either via phone or in person were so super friendly and caring. The office and the procedure rooms were both very clean and modern. Dominique and Blake got me all prepped for... read more

Krys C. Avatar
Krys C.

Awesome as always

Danny H.

Dr. Bulgarin has always been extremely supportive & clear on her diagnosis of me, able to dumb it down with out making me feel like a dummy!

Philip M.

Dr. East and Dr. Bugarian (I hope I spelled her name correctly_) are absolutely the BEST doctors in the Dalles / Ft. Worth area. They diagnose and treat you as a person, and NOT a number. They take the time to understand not only how you feel, but... read more

M. J.

Although I was skeptical of pain management going in, Dr. East and Sylvia exceed my extremely high expectations. They worked towards the ultimate goal of relief by coming up with multiple out of the box options. When I received confusing bills from my health care provider, they assisted with this.... read more

Joseph B. Avatar
Joseph B.

Dr. East and his staff are simply the best. They have taken great care of me and helped me with my back issues. I highly recommend Dr. East. He and his staff are kind, caring, thoughtful, and good at their professions. Again, they are the best in the business.

Mark S.

grateful for the people and the treatment, willingness to listen to the patient. i am grateful

Joshua K.

The process is easy and quick. Finally making progress after years of back pain. Staff is very friendly and easy to work with.

A. D.

If you were my Orthopedic my pain, issues would cease to exist!! You along with the staff I’ve been so lucky to be part of my care team had been amazing!! Except for Morgan! lol! Especially Morgan! She has been a pleasure and a god send!! Thank you for everything... read more

Jeffrey M.

5 star ratingIf you were my Orthopedic my pain, issues would cease to exist!! You along with the staff I've been so lucky to be part of my care team had been amazing!! Except for Morgan! lol! Especially Morgan! She has been a pleasure and a god send!! Thank you for everything... read more

Jenna S. Avatar
Jenna S.

Entire staff is helpful. Been here multiple times with no problems.

Mark E.

I’ve been enduring pain in my hand from an accident this past July. 5 long months of pain. Didn’t think there was any treatment for it. Was I wrong!!! Dr East and his staff listened to my concerns and gave me immediate relief via injections. I feel so... read more

Johnette C. Avatar
Johnette C.

Had a few visits for pain in my knees. They were able to get mein and out in a timely manner and were very thorough with their diagnosis.

Vince C.

I came in with existing back issues and was treated well and in a timely manner by them. Dr. East and his staff were very attentive to my issues. Will be coming back in the future if needed.

David J.

i am very pleased with my experience at addison pain. from the minute i walked in and was greeted by nina at the front desk, to my treatment with alaena and slyvia. they are always so caring and compassionate. its always a pleasure checking out in the back with both... read more

T. O.

1 star ratingWell.  They used to be good.    They used to care about patients.   They used to have a good doctor on staff.   Let me give you of an example of how I am treated.    I have been a patient for two years.    I live one hour... read more

Kenneth V. Avatar
Kenneth V.

As a patient of Addison Pain & Regenerative Medicine I am well pleased and satisfied to the fullest with the treatments/procedures and care plan that I've received. Because of Addison Pain & Regenerative Medicine I have gone from living life in chronic pain daily with no hope of ever... read more

Karen A. Avatar
Karen A.

When i come to Addison Pain the staff is always friendly and very helpful when i have questions or concerns. Dr. Sylvia always communicates clearly and makes sure that i understand everything involving my treatment and my condition. She listens to me about concerns and always follows up with answers... read more

Alycia H.

The whole office is so friendly and knowledgable. When ever we come in, it is so welcoming. thhe procedure they offer are current and well performed.

Davette S.

I was in a car accident yesterday and went to the ER, they were not help. I was referred to Dr. East by a family friend and Sylvia took great care of me. I walked in not able to turn my head from side to side and barely walk. Before... read more

Matt S.

The staff and doctors at Addison Pain have been really great! I have severe spinal stenosis and lower lumbar disc issues. I have been going to Dr. Sylvia for over a year now, and Dr. East has been so accommodating in helping me with epidural shots. Dr. East is dedicated... read more

Samantha-Sunshine N. Avatar
Samantha-Sunshine N.

I was in a car accident yesterday and went to the ER, they were not help. I was referred to Dr. East by a family friend and Sylvia took great care of me. I walked in not able to turn my head from side to side and barely walk. Before... read more

Matt S.

Doctor East and Doctor Sylvia have been fantastic at addressing my pain. I have been stagnant in my pain and not moving forward in my pain and they have been great at getting me on a track to be as pain free as possible. They listen and explain things to... read more

C. H.

Always listens to my concerns and makes sure I am comfortable.
The doctor and all the staff is very personable and makes you feel like family.
Have never had an experience with a provider like the one I have with Dr. East and all the staff that welcomes me everytime.

Cheris B.

Top rated 10 stars

Martha P.

I had a New Patient appointment at Addison Pain & Regenerative Medicine for Neck and Back pain with shooting, numbing and tingling down my left arm. The staff was amazing and the physicians were very detailed. I left with a full understanding of what my plan of action will be... read more

earl h. Avatar
earl h.

Dr. East and his entire staff have always made me comfortable by explaining the procedures I would need and the treatment I have been given for the last eleven years has been nothing less than outstanding. I live 2 1/2 hours away from the office but the care that... read more

Rick W.

It's odd to say I love a medical practice, especially when I'm always in the worst condition and mood when they're taking care of me, but Addison Pain is by far the best in their field and the clinic I return to without fail whenever pain rears its ugly head... read more

Sara T. Avatar
Sara T.

I came to Dr. East because of his experience with regenerative medicine. I spoke with him about doing Prolozone injections. He was very receptive about using a different technique that has worked for me in the past. I highly recommend him and his team!

J. B.

I've been coming here for a little over a year. Dr. East always takes the time to give suggestions on the different options that are available to me. I really was against having a 360 back surgery and he understood and supported me. Although it was a challenge, we... read more

Angelette L.

I needed to be seen quickly because my hip was hurting out of nowhere to the point I was almost unable to walk. They were able to get me an appointment with Sylvia within a 2 days and she was able to schedule my MRI, give me an adjustment... read more

P. P.

Every appointment and treatment from Dr. East and Sylvia has been a great experience. They listen, explain each procedure and truly care about their patients.

D. D.

this doctors office is great they really care and try to get to the root of your problem

Rith S.

I first started seeing Dr East about 13 years ago. He has helped me tremendously and continues to manage any chronic pain that I have. He has a wonderful staff that treats me like family. He makes me feel like I am always in great hands. I trust him 100%.... read more

Bill C.

I appreciate Dr. East and Sylvia so much for their help in alleviating my pain. Every time I have an appointment, I leave feeling relief because I've been listened to and helped. After much searching, I'm thankful to have found a team I trust!

Nicole S.

the staff is all so nice and caring

Kristie T.

Dr. East provides compassionate, caring, and evidence based medical care. My back pain has significantly improved since becoming a patient of his. He's got my back and I know he'll have yours too.

C. H.

great. Thank yuou

Sergio G.

i spent years trying to figure out why i was in so much pain and why my headaches were so bad and always there. after years of different doctors and tons of money later, i had one visit with dr east. within this one visit, doctor east listened to my... read more

Stacee K.

I cannot recommend highly enough!

S. G.

I was seen by Sylvia in the office today, she is truly amazing. Everyone from the front desk to the doctors truly care about you. They do everything to make sure you are healthy and pain free. Addison Pain Management is not just a doctors office that wants you in... read more

Victoria M.

I haven't felt this good and confident with a doctors office before I switched to this practice. Dr. East and Sylvia have been amazing, helpful, accurate, and have made me feel so comfortable overall. I am so happy I made the switch to this staff!

R. H.

After serving in the SEAL Teams for 21 years, contracting and being a volunteer firefighter for the last 10 years, I am in need of some repair. I choose Addison Pain & Regenerative Medicine Clinic because of the recommendation of other retired SEALs, who all speak highly of them. Dr... read more

Ed T.

Thank you so much Dr.John. You done absolutely wonderful. I'm 50% better with aching in my lower back and legs.

D. B.

A1 professionalism and experience! Dr East and his staff go above and beyond to ensure you are taken care of! This is the first Doctor to actually listen and work to fix my back and neck issues. Thanks Addison Pan and Dr East

Amy R.

I was put on a medicine that caused bone issues. Dr East and his team were able to come up with a solution and continue to treat my pain issues as the come up. I highly recommend Addison Pain Management.

Richard H.


Cathy R.

5 star ratingI've been seeing Dr East since around 2015 can't say enough positives. Not only him but his staff also

Stephen W. Avatar
Stephen W.

Always feel much better after my hip adjustment. My lower back pain is relieved as well.

T. D.

I brought my mother to Addison Pain due to her having pain down her arms and knees due to arthritis. Her first visit was great! She got the best care possible from Dr. East and made sure she left out of the office with no pain, giving her some... read more

Nina G. Avatar
Nina G.

Dr. East's assistant, Sylvia, was instrumental in finding a neurosurgeon for me when my neurosurgeon got sidelined with his own illness. They did everything they could to help reduce my pain in the interim. I'm very grateful for all of their help and compassion!

Marissa S.

I received a clear explanation of my questions

Rick L.

I had a prp injection in my shoulder. I had shoulder pain for years and it got so bad i could barely raise my arm over my head. After the injection, i feel like I did before my injury. I have full range of motion and i'm... read more

M. B.

Staff is so wonderful. Sylvia is very helpful and understanding with my low back pain. Dr East is very good at helping management of pain. Knows what we go thru living with pain. And helps with managing it to live a better life. All the staff is helpful and understanding,... read more

Ray Z. Avatar
Ray Z.

5 star ratingDr .East is probably the best Doctor in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex .I would recommend him over any other pain management  or regenerative Dr in DFW area.I say this based on his excellent level of patient care and professionalim!  Was having shooting pain down my left leg and couldn't... read more

William M. Avatar
William M.

I would recommend Dr East and his team to anyone suffering from daily pain!
They have helped me become more active, healthy, and happy as well as much more involved in the daily activities of my family and business.

David M.

Dr .East is probably the best Doctor in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex .I would recommend him over any other pain management or regenerative Dr in DFW area.I say this based on his excellent level of patient care and professionalim! Was having shooting pain down my left leg... read more

William M. Avatar
William M.

I have been dealing with neck pain for years. They diagnosed me correctly and have made me feel better than I have in years.

B. E.

From the time of walking in and being greeted with kindness, to seeing Sylvia who always takes the time to explain everything, and adjust me (the only person I'll trust to adjust me), Addison Pain is always the best. Ill be seeing Doctor East this coming week to do injections,... read more

Shelby W.

Dr. East and Sylvia do an excellent job of finding out the best treatment for my back and knee pain. They are super positive people. I can recommend them highly enough. I get epidurals for my back and neck, Dr East is so good at this that I feel very... read more

James S.

Had a rhysotomy on my mid back 1 week ago & I'm so happy that I'm no longer in pain. I have severe osteo arthritis & the injections have kept me going, i.e being able to workouts,working on my feet & life in general.

L. C.

The combination of Dr East and Dr. Sylvia is an ecellent source to help anyone in pain. Just love them both.

Tommy K.

Addison pain is simply amazing!!! Dr. East, Sylvia, and staff are so welcoming. They truly evaluate the issue to come up with a solution that will bring relief. I am thankful to have found Addison pain. Thanks for everything.

James D. Avatar
James D.

very pleasant. as always

Nancy C.

Sylvia, is such a great chiropractor...she immediately identified my issue and was able to bring me great relief.

Brenda R.

knee & back pain

A. R.

everything was good.

Jason H.

Best Doctors and staff! Very helpful! I’ve seen several doctors to see why my back was hurting to the point where it would hurt to walk. They took the time to figure it out and with care! They go above and beyond! If I could give more than 5... read more

Amy B. Avatar
Amy B.

Thank you for the great service!

W. B.

I have terrible back, neck & shoulder pain. I cannot walk or stand for more than a few minutes. Even sitting becomes painful after awhile. My Nuero referred me to Dr East.
Dr East helped me on the first visit and laid out a plan for permanent relief. I actually had...
read more

D. S.

I have been coming here years and I would not trust anyone else with my care. From the back end to Sylvia to Dr. East - every time it is always a good experience. I couldn't thank Dr. East enough.

K. G.

This has been my Dr office for years and I love all the staff. They have helped me with my chronic pain an to avoid surgery. I would recommend them to anyone.

Kellyu W.

Dr. East and his staff are the best. When I have to come in for back pain, Sylvia remembers me, asks questions and really listens. She is caring and will spend as much time with me as I need. The staff is so nice, and everyone always has a smile... read more

Kayle R.

plesent and a clear explanation

Jay T.

very helpful and clear on processes

Kristie C.

I absolutely love all the doctors at Addison Pain and Regenerative Medicine. They are all amazing! If you are in any type of pain I highly recommend coming here!

L. B.

The doctors and personnel at Addison Pain & Regenerative Medicine are great! They take the time to listen to my needs and concerns and to create a course of action that I can understand and follow. I know and trust Dr. East and Sylvia to recommend procedures and... read more

Dave K.

Nice & Clean office. The addison pain managment associates are always friendly and kind.

Darrius S.

Every time I come to Addison Pain I have a wonderful experience. My Doc Sylvia is amazing and feed back is always positive and most important results oriented. Today's visit was same as usual. Amazing!

Bryan G.

I cannot recommend Dr. East enough for anyone suffering back pain like I did. I have a herniated disk and arthritis throughout my back, which made standing and sitting still a nightmare. Dr. East took the time to explain every detail, including the specific problems with my spine, how they... read more

Stephen M.

Extremely efficiant in listing and really caring to help me as a whole. Dr East is amazing really takes the time to listen, Silvia was just as amazing! Thank you

Nicole B.

I have been coming to Dr East for more than 15 years for my chronic back pain. When I first came to Dr East I was in terrible condition, lots of pain, and depressed. Dr East got me on a pain treatment and addressed all my other issues. He focused... read more

Lance A.

i have been dealing with shoulder and knee pain for years and seeing dr. east has truly changed my life for the better! he has helped me get my quality of life back. i am thankful

D. H.

All pleasant staff..all professional.

Lisa D.

I have been seeing Dr.East and Sylvia for 3 years now for neck pain. This is by far the best experience I have ever had with any doctor. Not only are they amazing at treating pain, but they are also quick and take the time to know you as a... read more

Hilda N.

My first day, I was greeted with smiling faces and I was treated like another family member!!! The environment is warm. The staff is amazing! They really do care about your healing process; they listen to your concerns and offer different solutions. Dr East and his staff at Addison... read more

C. M.

Dr. East is, by far, one of the best doctors I have ever had! I have had the pleasure of being his patient for the past six years. I've seen Dr. East for many different pain issues; lower back, tears in both shoulders, maniscus knee damage, herniated cervical and lumbar... read more

Cindy R.

Would recommend Dr East and Staff to anyone having back issues. Very attentive to your concerns and have always been very good in taking care of your needs.

J. M.

When I come for my appointment, the staff and support team are always
ready to do their best to determine what avenues are right for me. I can count on Dr East and his team for the right support and best results.

B. A.

I have been going to Addison Pain & Regenerative Medicine for a while now I was referred by my surgeon. Everyone here is great they take time with you and listen to you. They really care about making sure all your questions are answered they have many different options. I... read more

Dawn G.

always a nice experience

E. D.

My experience has always been excellent at Addison Pain & Regenerative Medicine. The staff greets me when I come in, I do not wait long to see the physician, and most importantly: they listen to how I feel about my body and support me with all the information... read more

Cristina P.

Doctor east is awesome! He recognizes that his patients are people and is always very friendly with a smile on his face. He is also very knowledgeable and can pinpoint where pain is coming from very quickly. I had cervical rediculopathy and after having surgery, have had... read more

Lucas B.

staff willing to help out and discuss options and plans.

Debbie L.

As an avid golfer for 25+ years, I have developed several painful issues with my back. The great team at Addison Pain Management has kept me in the game for the last 5+ years and avoiding surgery like many golfers I know. They are great people and treat you... read more

Doug H. Avatar
Doug H.

Since 2013 I have been a patient of Dr East at Addison Pain Management. From the start Dr East, Sylvia, Brandon, and Alaena have had nothing but my health and recovery in mind. Being a first responder in the tactical field our bodies take on numerous injuries as well as... read more

Eric Avatar

The staff is great, and listens well when your in. they use the lasted procedures

Johnq S.

They truly helped me fix the main causes of my pain and are willing to continue to help me get to 100%.

Thomas L.

Great office, great people, great doctors. Would highly recommend

Sam P.

I left a pain management center to come to Addison for Dr East. A coworker had referred him to me upon my disgust with the previous Doctor. That was 12 years ago. I have degenerative disc disease and it has continued to be a journey. My initial consult... read more

Lezlee K.

i have been seeing dr east for the past 15 years back pain and have gotten amazing results! i love the staff and all providers, they are all kind

S. W.

I have been coming to Dr. East since 2012 and how they treat their patients and know what procedures to do for their patients. I highly recommend Addison Pain & Regenerative Medicine.

Maricela A.

No waiting. Very helpful staff, they listen to you and your complaints. Everyone is so nice.

Christine A.

Dr Sylvia is trustworthy and excellent with everything she does. Always on top of my care and treatment plan. She listens and takes the time to listen and takes all calls and questions. Can't say enough about this office and Doctors

Nyla S.

After several disappointing visits to half a dozen Back and Pain Management wasn’t until I found Dr East that I was finally able to experience relief. After properly diagnosing me and providing me with the necessary injections and therapy...I am able to once again join in the activities with... read more

Jimmy C. Avatar
Jimmy C.

I just want to thank all the chiropractors, nurses and staff at Addison Pain Management for taking such great care of me. It is such a great experience every time I come in and get an adjustment. I pain and inflammation from my neck to my hips. I can definitely... read more

christine a. Avatar
christine a.

I have been a patient of Addison Pain Medicine for around 2 years. I was referred to them by my primary care doctor due to lower back pain that was getting progressively worse. I had been pushing through the pain for many years and I just couldn't take it any... read more

JSBPhotorebel Avatar

Alaena Grable, F.N.P-C and Dr. East are ethical, patient, trustworthy and top notch in the field of medicine and especially as it pertains to pain and regenerative medicine. The quality of life that I have had since my first visit in July (with the anticipation of right knee meniscus... read more

Laurie P.

Dr East and his staff have been treating me for over a decade and i couldn't be more happy with my care and results. He came highly recommended and I highly recommend him myself. Thank you Dr East!

D. M.

Sylvia is awesome and very professional! And Heather is an angel! Please go to Addison Pain REGENERATIVE! ASAP. THEY WILL TREAT YOU RIGHT!!

Pinky G. Avatar
Pinky G.

i have been coming here for years and they have really helped me with my low back and knee pain. highly recommend!!

P. S.

I have been undergoing care for my spine through Addison Pain for about 2 years now. The office and the doctor are quick to see me, efficient with treatment with care, and always kind. It's nice feeling like a person instead of just another customer, which is not a relationship... read more

Sami G.

I just wanted to thank the staff at Addison Pain and Regenerative Medicine for taking such great care of me. From the front desk, to the nurses, and the doctor. Each and every one of them was courteous, professional, and made my visit as comfortable as they possibly could. I... read more

Christel R. Avatar
Christel R.

I"ve been a patient for years and owe them everthing when it comes to living my best life, without so much pain. I have scoliosis. I have had 4 back surgeries. The DRs in this office all care for you, and they show it! On every level! You are not... read more

Salena O.

I have enjoyed everything that has been done for me. I have learned a lot about my condition and what can be done to help me. I would highly recommend Dr. East and the staff.

Chris M.

I have been a patient for about 15 years. I have lower back and leg pain after 2 surgeries and at a third one I went to addison pain management and with the help of this team of wonderful professionals that treated me like I was there only patient... read more

Michael K. Avatar
Michael K.

wonderful staff, always on time! make all procedures relaxing

Courtney S.

I highly recommend Addison Pain. I’ve been going since 2016. For years, I went to multiple doctors and not one could figure out what was going on with me. I had one appoint with Addison pain and it changed my life. They’ve figured out a solution that really works!! I... read more

Stacee A. Avatar
Stacee A.

I have been a patient of Dr. East for almost 20 years. I have degenerative disc disease that required multiple neck and back surgeries. Dr East has managed the pain throughout the process. The staff: ALANA, NP; SYLVIA, DC; and BRE Office Coordinator are great,... read more

Loretta L.

I was having pain in my left shoulder and Dr East gave me a epidural injection in it and it helped tremendously . He is a caring doctor talked me through the procedure on what to expect.

Cathy B. Avatar
Cathy B.

I have been seeing Silvia for over 2 years now and what a good experience it has been. I play golf 3 to 4 times a week and have 4 screws in my back and also neck issues from car accident!!! I see her every month for a check up... read more

Steve G. Avatar
Steve G.

"Are you willing to try something a little different?"These are the words that were spoken to me by Dr. East many years ago that forever changed my life. Mine was a common problem that plagues my profession throughout the country. I am a Police Officer who "had" lower... read more

M B. Avatar
M B.

I was having problems with stiffness and pain in my neck for the last month probably due to working at a computer all the time. I went in to Addison Pain for a chiro adjustment and also got trigger point injections. My neck felt better right away. The office staff... read more

Julie G. Avatar
Julie G.

I have had only great experiences here! The staff is all very friendly. I got to my appointment and didn’t have a lot of time because I had class to get to and they made sure to get me in quickly. The staff are all very professional and... read more

Verunique S. Avatar
Verunique S.

If you're dealing with back/neck pain like me, you certainly should consider going to Addison Pain Management. I have been seeing Dr. East and NP Sylvia Bugarin for my back treatments, both of whom have taken time to fully explain the physiological issues with my spine and how their procedures... read more

Stephen M. Avatar
Stephen M.

Thanks to the ADDISON PAIN MANAGEMENT clinic thanks to Sylvia for the best chiropractic care I have ever received and Dr. East for his expertise in back pain and all the personnel have been wonderful during my back treatments I highly recommend these doctors and staff!!!

gloria j. Avatar
gloria j.

Have been going here for years, for various issues. Cervical problems with disc degeneration, lumbar issues with more disc problems, sciatica, torn rotator cuffs on both shoulders, and a ligament problem with my left knee. Have had multiple steroid injections and nerve blocks, etc, at the facility that have kept... read more

Scott P. Avatar
Scott P.

Top notch service by the doctor and staff. The girls have always been able to accommodate my crazy schedule and last minute sessions. Dr. Sylvia Flores-Bugarin is the best of the best!

Javier H. Avatar
Javier H.

I’ve been dealing with back issues for around 10 years finally enough was enough and I went it to see what was causing all this pain. I went into Addison pain management and spoke with Mrs Sylvia who sent me for an mri she was beyond great and very helpful... read more

Brad D. Avatar
Brad D.

I've seen both Sylvia and Dr. East at Addison Pain Management and I am so thankful I've found a medical professional who are both knowledgeable and compassionate. I have pain in the facet joints in my neck on the right side. I'd been to previous doctors who looked at my... read more

Nicole N. Avatar
Nicole N.

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